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Here are some testimonials from our patients:

Lisa P writes:

 Over the years I have NOT taken the best care of my teeth. I have old and yellow crowns with metal showing through them. I have some chipped teeth; I have gaps between my front teeth that have gotten yellower over the years and one missing tooth side in the back. My co-worker/friend has the best smile; I have known her for 5 years now. I compliment her smile all the time. One day I mentioned to her that I was thinking about doing something about my own teeth. She confessed that her smile wasn't always perfect and referred me to Dr Akkari, a dentist in Riverside!!. I couldn't believe it; that really gave me hope.

The venture began by visiting the dental office in Riverside that's called: Riverside smiles dentistry; a nice office, very modern, clean, and warm. The staff is great, friendly , and comforting (Rita. Angel, and Jasmine, you guys are the best). The doctor is very nice, and he explained the procedure very well and answered all my questions. He has a portfolio of before and after photos on an IPad!; I was blown away with difference of before and after photos. I realized that this doctor has done many cases like mine and the results were impressive; That put me more at ease and got me sold. I started the process and it only took 3 weeks, now I have a brand new smile. I honestly cannot stop smiling (and staring at my own teeth), I love my new teeth, I feel confident again, people tell me I look younger!!!. I wish I'd done it sooner. Thank you so very much Dr Akkari, you seriously gave me a reason to smile. I wish there were 10 star rating to give you. Thanks again.

Lisa P



Bethany G writes:

 I went here because I knew I had a pretty bad cavity, I like most people, don't enjoy the dentist too much but today was actually great, the dental assistants are helpful and very funny, Dr.Akkari was phenomenal no discomfort or pain and made me feel comfortable the whole time. Ill be coming back here for all of my dental needs. This was by far the best dental experience I've ever had :)

Bethany G



Cinda M writes:

 For as long as I can remember I have been avoiding going to the dentist because of past horrible experiences. However, I recently had no choice but to go because of the excruciating pain my wisdom teeth were giving me. When I gave Dr. Akkari a call, he seemed very understanding  about the matter and took me in right away.

When I entered his office I was very impressed by the staff. They are extremely friendly and they made me feel more relaxed because of their cheerful yet professional disposition. The office is very clean, it looks very modern and the technology there is up to date on a whole different level.  In relations to the doctor, Dr. Akkari is seriously the best! He is cool, funny, sensitive and has the ability to make shots and teeth extractions painless and easy! Two of my molars were really in there so I needed some surgery- this obviously made me anxious since I haven't had any form of surgery before in my life- but within minutes it was over and I felt nothing throughout the entire process. I can't believe I avoided this procedure for so long- it was a serious breeze and I know it's because of the doctor's gentle technique. Days after my procedure, Dr. Akkari called to make sure I was healing fine and doing well which was very sweet of him.

I rarely ever write reviews unless I come across some place special. Riverside Smiles Dentistry is truly a gem because of the overall environment of the office, the awesome staff and the extraordinary doctor.

Cinda M



Kimberly A writes:

 Ok, so I am super scared of dentists, specially when I needed 4 wisdom teeth pulled out. I Went to Riverside smiles dentistry (based on high recommendation from my mom and my sister); I was super nervous. I met with Dr Akkari, who was extremely nice. He somehow made me relax a little after the exam (exam and xrays were totally free!!).

I honestly didn't feel any of the shots he gave me!!! Nothing!!! First time, no sting, no pain!!! He pulled the first tooth out so quickly that it made me relax and realize it is not as horrifying as I thought. The rest of procedure went alright. Dr Akkari, this was a lot less stressful than I ever imagined. My mom and my sister were absolutely right. I will see you soon to take out the stitches. Thanks again for making this easy and pain free!

Kimberly A


Dyala A writes:

 This has to be the best dental office I have ever been to. The assistants are so nice and helpful. Dr. Akkari has the most gentle hands when working. You don't even feel anything. No pain. And he is very good with telling exactly what he is doing throughout his procedure. He is my family dentist. Definitely recommend.

Dyala A


Suzhanna A writes:

 Wonderful atmosphere, professional caring workers and assistants, & the most important.... The kindest dentist I've ever known who can make you fall asleep while in the dental chair!:)

Suzhanna A


Katie T writes:

 Riverside Smiles Dentistry has changed my views on going to the dentist. Never thought I'd say that I enjoyed my dental visit. The staff and Dr. Akkari are amazing, super friendly, funny and above all they make you feel comfortable. Looking forward to my next visit!

Katie T


Liliana C writes:

 Love it! Everyone is great the staff and the doctor.... Very nice and gentle. Would recommend in a heartbeat

Liliana C


Christina A writes:

 Love it! Everyone is great the staff and the doctor.... Very nice and gentle. Would recommend in a heartbeat

Christina A


Vicky A writes:

 I believe most of us can relate to being nervous when it's that time of the year, dental visit. I could remember how anxiety would kick in & it wouldn't leave my side for days  until I met Dr. Fadi Akkari and everything changed. Before meeting Dr.Akkari I was insecure when it came to my smile. I refused to smile and show my teeth. But not anymore! I got a complete smile make over that consisted of veneers and bridges. It's been one of the best decisions & affordable investments of my life. Now I have the perfect smile that will last a lifetime. All I can say is, Thank you Dr.Akkari for giving me such a beautiful gift, my Self Confidence :)  I'm truly obsessed with my new smile.

You are truly a blessing to my entire family.



Linda A writes:

 I have great things to say about this office.  Initial first visit was very pleasant and informative. Staff is super nice, friendly, and helpful. Doctor is very kind and gentle. Didn't even feel his shots. I am very pleased. Office is modern, clean, and up to date. Their fees are very reasonable.
I highly recommend to friends and family.

Linda A


Kelli C writes:

 Dr. Akkari and staff are very polite. He made me smile again. He
does beautiful cosmetic work. My whole family loves going there.
Angel and Rita are great with my son. Thank you Riverside smiles dentistry!!!

.Kelli C


Susan P writes:

 My experience at Riverside Smiles was great. Dr. Akkari took wonderful care of my two children and made their dental experience a positive one. Dr. Akkari was very compassionate and thorough while attending to my kids. I appreciated his candor and friendly nature. I highly recommend this dentist for anyone's family!! We finally found a dentist that the whole family loves to visit. Thank you Dr. Akkari!!!

Susan P


Mrs H. writes:

"During my daughter's spring break, it was our intention to have our daughter's wisdom teeth extracted. We had a referral to an Oral Surgeon in Irvine, CA (near where we live) to have her procedure done at the start of her vacation. We were given an approximate price for this over the phone but after her exam, we were quoted something much higher. It made us angry and we left without having it done. I started searching for a more economical plan (we have two kids needing this and no dental insurance). I decided to check in Riverside since we lived in Riverside for 10 years prior to moving to Orange County. That is when I found Dr. Akkari's advertisement for wisdom teeth extraction. I was hesitant because they do not use general anesthesia. As it turned out, it was far better for my daughter's recovery that she was not put under, not to mention the risks associated with General Anesthesia. Dr. Akkari was so professional; my daughter, MacKenzie, did not feel any pain and not all of her wisdom teeth were easily removed. Not only will I drive out to Riverside now for all of our dental needs, I highly recommend Dr. Akkari and his entire staff. Not only are they professional, they are knowledgeable, friendly, funny and "real." In fact, when I spoke with Angel prior to scheduling the appointment, I was already sold. What a gem he is! Thank you Riverside Smiles Dentistry! MacKenzie had the easiest recovery - within 3 days she was good as new!

Mrs H.

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